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BEACHBUB All-in-One Beach Umbrella System. Includes 7 ½’ (50+ UPF) Umbrella, Oversize Bag, Base & Accessory Kit




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The beachBUB® (50+ UPF) 7 ½ foot All-In-One, Beach Umbrella System includes the US Patented Beach Umbrella Base and Pat Pen Sand Gopher. The beachBUB® Base is the only sand base that solves both common beach umbrella problems, tipping over and fly-aways. The beachBUB® Sand Gopher is a small unique tool that makes a perfect 8″ hole in the sand in less than 10 seconds. All Beach Umbrella sand bag anchors will help prevent the umbrella fly-aways because they use the weight of the sand to keep it in place. This is why screw anchors are becoming less popular because if they become loose there is nothing to prevent the umbrella from flying down the beach. The unique pyramid shape of the base has a low profile which takes up very little room. The beachBUB® Base also holds almost 1 cubic foot of sand and when filled weighs 125 lBS. Consumer Reports tested our base in 2016 and choose it as their best Sand Base Model. Now all we needed was a better umbrella. The beachBUB® Umbrella was designed, engineered and built to Resort and Commercial Beach Umbrella standards which allows it to withstand wind gusts up to 35 MPH. By using high strength, corrosion free aluminum and fiberglass frame materials our umbrella is easy for all to carry to and from the beach, weighing in at only 9lbs. Also, the beachBUB® Beach Umbrella is the only Beach Umbrella which includes the free 3 year beachBUB Protection Plan. See why so many Commercial Beach Umbrella Rental Companies are now using the beachBUB® Umbrella System. View the pictures and notice the size of the shade pattern. Your All-In-One System comes complete with the Sky Blue beachBUB® ULTRA Base, beachBUB® Sand Gopher, beachBUB® Oversized Bag and beachBUB® Sand Scoop. Check out the videos on YOUTUBE!! you fed up with getting on your hands and knees to twist in the umbrella anchor or digging a deep hole only to have your umbrella tip over or fly away? Do you feel like every beachgoer is watching and giggling while you struggle to put up your umbrella and are you finished with running after your wind blown umbrella? Finally, beachBUB USA has solved these problems so you can enjoy a stress free day at the beach. Read the amazing reviews from Moms, Grandmothers and beachgoers just like you
Approved for all beachgoers who struggle with their Beach Umbrella. Recently endorsed by the American LifeGuard Association ” The ALA has always been concerned about the serious hazards of Fly-Away Beach Umbrellas caused by unpredictable breezes along the coastlines, and we feel beachBUB offers a unique and easy solution that will prevent many injuries and even saves lives in the long run”. Check out July 2016 Consumer Reports “BEST OF” for “Beach Umbrellas That Won’t Blow Away”
Wind tested to 35MPH. Sits on top of the beach like a Patio Umbrella stand that sits on a deck. No deep holes to dig or twist screw used. Just fill it with sand. Our umbrella can be tilted all the way to the ground. Tilt the whole setup and then repack the base with sand so that all 3 sides are taut. No knuckle to break
Check out “Wind Test’ and “How To” videos below on “Related Video Shorts”. Easy to transport with it’s extra large carry bag, padded strap and handle. Umbrella and base weighs less than 9 lbs (Gallon of milk or 12 pack of your favorite beverage) and base folds up to the size of a paperback book. Base weighs 120lbs when filled with sand
The beachBUB 3 year PROTECTION PLAN: You loose it. You Break it. We’ll Help to Replace it. Your BPP is good even in the event if your umbrella is damaged if it tips over due to not filling up the base completely. Included with your purchase at no additional cost. Call beachBUB USA for details, 1-866-432-1976 or email [email protected] REMEMBER “Always fill your base up COMPLETELY”
Shoulder Strap Comfort – 50% More Padding and Added Width


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